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Activities children can do at Melba respite services in Frankston

If you're looking for children's respite services in Frankston there are plenty to choose from. How do you know which respite service is the best for the person with disability you care for?

In this article, we'll look at:

  • What you need vs what the organisation offers

  • Benefits of short term accommodation

  • Why carers need regular short breaks

  • What children do at Melba respite care

After reading this article, you'll be better informed and the choice will be easier for you.

What you need vs what the organisation offers

The first step is comparing what respite services in Frankston there are with what you really need. There are various respite services you can seek for the child you care for, including: in-home respite; centre-based respite; and short term accomodation. It comes down to which is suitable for your needs and the needs of the person you support.

Each supported person will be at a different level of growth and independence, and your needs as a carer have to be factored in as well. To help, there are some questions you may want to ask yourself.

These include:

  • Is the organisation a registered NDIS provider Melbourne based?

  • What fun activities can the child do?

  • What learning tasks can the child be involved in?

  • Are all activities and tasks fully supported?

If you need more than just a few hours break, then 24/7 short term accommodation and assistance could be the best option.

Benefits of short term accommodation and assistance

Usually, short term accommodation and assistance is anything from a few hours to a few days or even longer. The short stay is also extremely beneficial for the supported person for several reasons.

It's an opportunity for the child to:

  • socialise with people they haven't met before

  • enjoy a change of scenery

  • go on group outings

  • enjoy activities with others the same age

  • learn life skills in a new environment

  • stay overnight or for a few days giving you a longer break

Taking regular short breaks should be a part of every carer's routine.

Why you need to take regular short breaks

Carers make a huge difference in the life of the person supported. it's a job that is very rewarding, but it can also be stressful at times, especially if you're the primary carer.

There was a Royal Commission report which highlighted the negative effects of the role, including depression, anxiety and burden. Any job is the same. Stress, demands, deadlines are a part of everyday worklife for most people. When you're in a caring role, you need to stay on top of your health to be able to continue your caring role to the best of your ability.

Regular short breaks will help you to maintain your health and wellbeing. Health concerns are not the only reason you may need a break.

  • having some 'me time'

  • the need to do other things

  • relieve stress

  • receive help with implementing plans worked hard for, such as BSPs, communication, physio etc.

Short, restorative breaks are recommended, which is where short term accommodation and assistance is helpful.

What children do at Melba respite services in Frankston

As a registered NDIS provider Melbourne Melba offers STAA for children and adults. Fun is one of the key words at Melba. There are many fantastic activities the supported person can be involved in to help grow confidence.

These include:

  • Socialising

  • Making new friends

  • Going out for meals or to see a movie

  • Visiting Frankston beach, the Mornington Peninsula, parks

  • Sensor activities

  • Sport and other activities around Frankston

  • Watching favourite cartoons and kids shows, playing computer games

  • and other activites

Along with the fun things, there are also all-important learning tasks they can learn, including:

  • assisting in meal choice, preparation, and cooking

  • personal care tasks like dressing and washing

  • new skills for independent living

A part of Melba's fully supported respite care is also ensuring any medication is taken on time. At Melba respite care, the stay can be:

  • overnight stays on weekends or weekdays

  • over the school holidays

When it comes to children's respite services in Melbourne, our locations are in:

  • Frankston

  • Cranbourne

Now matter how young or old supported people are, we assist them to live a fabulous life.

We make our respite homes like a home away from home. They're comfortable, welcoming environments with qualified support staff. The child is fully supported with activities and tasks tailored towards their individual needs. Our caring support staff always ensures the needs of the supported person are met during a short stay.

With dedicated respite homes across regional Victoria and in Melbourne, you can take the break you need and the person you care for will also benefit.

Arrange short term accommodation and assistance now with Melba Support Services, your trusted NDIS provider Melbourne.


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