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A message from Melba's new CEO, Hayley Dean - 7 September 2020

Dear Friends,

Today is a humbling day as I introduce myself as Melba’s new Chief Executive Officer. Many of you know me through my former role as Melba’s Chief Outcome Officer (COO). As I look forward, I am reminded of the very first day I walked into Ormeau Rd, Mount Evelyn, the original site of Melba. I was blown away by the sheer joy that greeted me. The Melba Community – people supported and staff, radiated excitement and purpose! In all my working life I had never experienced anything like this!

Melba has its own beating heart and over the past years I have had the privilege to watch it grow stronger and stronger under the leadership of Glenn Foard, firstly, as a consultant, and for the past 3 and a half years as the Chief Outcomes Officer. Glenn retired from the CEO position effective last Friday. From all of us at Melba I thank Glenn for the wonderful work he has done, not only growing Melba but ensuring the values and quality service standards that we all hold dear endure. Glenn will not be leaving us straight away. He has kindly agreed to stay on for a little while longer as ‘Transition Advisor’. I am thrilled to be offered this opportunity and look forward to Melba continuing to deliver services for you, and with you, in the future.

Today, as we start a new journey together, I want to acknowledge the extraordinary challenges of 2020 and the uniqueness of Melba, recognising the incredible fortitude, resilience and our unwavering commitment to you and your supporters. COVID-19 has certainly made us embrace change, we are all learning different ways of being. Can I assure you nothing changes in our desire to see people achieve great outcomes, to live the best possible lives, and to continue Melba’s culture of upholding the human rights of all. We are, and always will be the same quality, values driven organisation you know.

It is an incredible honour for me to lead and serve Melba and I thank the Melba Board for entrusting me with its leadership. There is a great future ahead and I especially look forward to meeting with you face to face . Hopefully, very soon I can get around and see you all from Orbost in the far east of Gippsland to Nhill in the northwest of Victoria.

I am very excited, and passionately committed to supporting people to lead fabulous lives!

See you all soon.

Take care and stay safe,



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