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There is a pandemic hotline to respond to questions and queries from our Melba community. The hotline number is 1300 MYMELBA (1300 696352). For all other community members, if needed please contact the DHHS Coronavirus 24-hour Hotline number: 1800 675 398.

Dear friends,

With the wonderful news that there are now no active cases of COVID-19 in Victoria as well as last Sunday’s announcement by the Premier, we wanted to provide some updates.

An update regarding visitor requirements at Melba supported homes

There are now no restrictions on the purpose, number or time limits for visitors to Melba supported homes, which we know you’ll agree is great news.

All visitors will still have their temperature checked, sign the Health Attestation form, continue to wear a mask, and keep up good hand hygiene and maintain physical distancing. Can you please still ring and plan your visit with us so that we can ensure that density limits are adhered to.

Community Connections and Arthur Creative Day programs will open up soon and we are thrilled! This includes Community Connections in Lilydale and Arthur Creative in Ballarat. We have been liaising closely with those families specifically connected to these programs and they can expect further details very soon.

Once opened, running these programs in a COVIDSafe way will be essential for the safety of all people. This will include:

  • Putting COVIDSafe transport arrangements in place.

  • Implementing staggered start times.

  • Temperature checking staff at the start of each shift.

  • Ensuring all staff, visitors and people we support attending day program sites sign a Health Attestation form. This helps to confirm that they are completely well and have no symptoms of COVID-19 before entering the site.

  • Ensuring density limits are followed in all rooms and spaces.

  • Regularly cleaning these spaces as required.

We have recently updated the FAQs on the Melba website. Please visit:

You can call Melba’s dedicated pandemic hotline at any stage - 1300 MYMELBA (1300 696352). You can, of course, also contact the General Manager Outcomes in your area:

Thank you for your continued support and understanding. It means the world to us!

Kind regards,

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