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There is a pandemic hotline to respond to questions and queries from our Melba community. The hotline number is 1300 MYMELBA (1300 696352). For all other community members, if needed please contact the DHHS Coronavirus 24-hour Hotline number: 1800 675 398.

Dear friends,

We are now back to ‘One Victoria’ and the real possibility of a ‘COVID-19 normal’ end of year holiday season is quite exciting.

While we are not back to a pre-COVID-19 normal, and this is unlikely to occur until there is a vaccine we have increasing freedoms to support people to get out and about in the community, including being able to increase individual supports. We are in the midst of contacting people to discuss what is possible. Like before, this is excellent news!

We still have no further information as to when group based supports can recommence, we will keep you updated

For those who live in a group home or other SIL arrangements, visits are still restricted but this is now consistent across all of Victoria. The Premier’s recent announcement on Sunday 8th November did mean that people supported at a SIL service within metropolitan Melbourne can now have a visit from one household rather than one visitor each day. So, a few people who all live together can visit at the same time, and children under 16 are now allowed to join in on the visit. It is still for a maximum of two hours.

As more people could be visiting any one of our Melba supported homes, it is still vital that you ring and plan your visit with us. Please let us know how many people are coming, and please stick to the time that works best for everyone.

At any stage you can call Melba’s Coronavirus hotline on 1300 MYMELBA (1300 696352) and stay up to date by checking the FAQs on our website: you

Kind regards,

Hayley Dean Russell Harrison

Chief Executive Officer Chief Outcomes Officer

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