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A Creative, But Busy, Mind

Film making, drama, working… Liam is, as the Arthur Creative Studio Co-ordinator put it, ‘a man with many strings to his bow.’

The first of those strings is his creative work. Liam, who has CP, is part of Melba’s very popular Ballarat-based arts program, Arthur Creative, which offers a range of programs from music to screen printing to dance – but Liam has chosen his two favourite media to work with.

“I do film making, I do drama, but I do get tired a lot of the time, but I’m used to it and it keeps my mind occupied,” Liam said.

When he’s not working on his art, Liam works at an art gallery in the Bridge Mall, which is owned by a friend of his.

And then, the third string to his bow, is his work with Melba – he’s in the office, one day a week, doing administration tasks.

“I’m on holidays at the moment, but I love my job.”

The office work keeps his mind occupied, yes… but it’s his days at Arthur Creative that he loves best.

“I love making art, so I’d love to do that one day more than working in an office or doing other stuff. Maybe one day I’d like to work in the film industry, or maybe more art, get myself out there.”

Liam is 27, and he lives in Ballarat with his family.

“I can’t wait until I’m 30, because there’s a big party when I’m 30.”

So… only three years to go?

“No, it sounds like I’m counting down now!”


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