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3 key things to look for in an NDIS provider in Melbourne

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

If you are looking for an NDIS provider in Melbourne, there are a lot of organisations to choose from. In an NDIS Market Victoria report, it says there are almost 100,000 active participants with approved plans registered in Victoria and over 3000 active providers in the state. Clearly, a lot of people with disability are seeking services from a small pool of providers.

In this article we'll look at 3 areas that make a great provider:

· Human rights

· Living the life they want

· Quality control

As we unpack these, you'll become better informed to choose the best NDIS provider for your needs.

An NDIS provider in Melbourne committed to human rights

It could be argued that the most important aspect of a provider is how it sees human rights. To become a trusted NDIS provider in Victoria, the organization must be committed to protecting the human rights of all people with disability.

This is regardless of:

· age

· gender

· race

· religion

· appearance

The organisation would ideally have a team that is dedicated to teaching what human rights are and empowering supported people to exercise those rights for themselves and others.

Living the life they want to live

Another mantra of a good NDIS provider is assisting people with disability to live the life they want to live based on choice and control. This means providing great flexibility in services to enable this. It could be anything from providing fully supported independent living to programs for creative outlets.

Here are some things to look for:

· Finding the right SIL or SDA home to enjoy fully supported independent living

· Creative arts programs where they can enjoy learning photography, film making,

painting, or any other form of arts

· Cooking programs where the supported person can learn to choose a meal, prepare it,

and cook it fully supported

· Supported holidays to enjoy visiting destinations worldwide

These are just some ways an organisation can assist a person with disability to live a fabulous life.

A team committed to quality of services

Receiving services is one thing, receiving the right services for their needs is completely different. A good NDIS provider in Melbourne will have a team that is dedicated to quality control. This means they look at the individual, the supports they are receiving, and how appropriate those support services are for the growth and lifestyle of the individual.

The organisation will ensure the supports assist them to achieve their goals; if they are not right, then to be able to fully inform the supported person on the best direction to take to achieve their goals and dreams.

Here's a great video of how Melba values the supported person's rights and encourages all feedback, including complaints.

Melba Support is 100% committed to people with disability living a fabulous life

Melba is a registered NDIS provider Victoria with an unwavering commitment to empower supported people to dream big, be happy and do what they choose and value.

As a part of this, we have teams dedicated to:

· Encouraging feedback, compliments, and complaints, and listening to and acting on

the feedback

· Practice, Quality and Safeguards, to provide a safe, fun pathway for supported people

to achieve their goals and dreams

· Human rights. As a supported person at Melba, you can volounteer to be on Melba's

ARROW group. This is a human right's group, made up of supported people who

access our services. Qualified staff teach the group to self-advocate, and advocate for

other people with disability in the community.

This is just some of what makes up Melba.

Innovative ways Melba supports people with disability

As a registered NDIS provider in Melbourne, we assist you each step of the way, from accessing the NDIS, to plan management and providing the right support services for your needs.

It doesn't stop there. Melba has many innovative services and programs that go above and beyond.

This includes:

· Supported holidays. Supported people can go on fully supported holidays to

amazing destinations

· Arthur Creative. Melba's Arthur creative studio empowers supported people to learn

and participate in visual arts, performing arts, film making, photography, screen

printing, and product development. Many of these products are for sale at our Arthur

Range store.

· Community Connections. A variety of programs that are value-based to assist with

achieving goals

· Yarra Ranges in a box. A program where supported people put together fresh produce

for homes and local businesses

· Able Bakehouse. Melba's own all-abilities registered kitchen where supported people

prepare catering, gift hampers, and more

· Harvest Collective. A program where supported people join in with school kids growing

vegetables for a local school canteen

· and more

We're always looking for new ways to assist supported people to live a fabulous life.

Ready to be supported by Melba?

Join the hundreds of supported people who are living and loving life with Melba.

For more information and to discuss your plan and goals, contact us today.


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