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what is the harvest collective?

The Harvest Collective is an initiative developed by Melba Support Services, in partnership with Yarra Ranges Council and Inspiro, to provide participants the chance to prepare ‘real food’ healthy lunches in school canteens, with many fabulous benefits!

Lunches are prepared using wholesome nutritional ingredients harvested through the use of local community and in-school canteen gardens.

People living with a disability and passionate community members volunteer their time to share their skills amongst school-aged children to help them grow and harvest fruit and vegetable crops, that in turn are used to prepare seasonal nutritional lunches. This is a great way for them to pass on their own passion, skills and experience to a younger generation of ‘foodies’. It’s a great way to teach the participants involved about affordable food options, and the skills needed to help reduce food costs for families.

It’s also a positive step forward in helping to demystify disability and difference within the schools involved. The Harvest Collective ultimately helps to empower everyone who participates in the program to work closely and collaboratively together - while celebrating everyone’s individuality - through a shared interest for harvesting fresh produce, and preparing yummy and nutritional lunch meals for students to enjoy. 

where do we offer it?

In Primary Schools in the Shire of Yarra Ranges

want to know more?

Please contact: 

Toby Ware: 


Marisa Dominich:

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