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Let's defend our NDIS!

In the lead up to the Federal election 2022, people with disability, their families, their advocates and their service providers are making their voice heard across Australia to Defend the NDIS from cuts to funding and services. 

One way to make your voice heard is to write directly to your candidates.  Because if we don’t tell them what we want, how will they know?

It’s particularly powerful to write as a constituent because candidates are running for the chance to represent you.If they are elected in May, it will be a critical part of their job to listen to your views!


Here is a sample letter for you to download and adapt how you like. Sharing your personal connection to the campaign makes all the difference.


Email or post your letter just to the major party candidates or all of them – it’s up to you.We’d also love to hear that you have written to your candidate. Let us know at


We’ve also provided resources to make it easy to find your electorate and your candidates.

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Campaign target electorates


Find the key candidates in your electorate region here:

Chisholm Key Candidates

Higgins Key Candidates

Goldstein Key Candidates

Indi Key Candidates

Find your candidates here:


                                                        What electorate are you in?

Who are the candidates in your electorate? 

Click through to their websites for email addresses.

If you would like to request a meeting with your candidates to attend a candidate forum, please get in touch with us at and we would be happy to help you draft that letter and prepare for the meeting.

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